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The Kenosha Pops Concert Band is managed by Darrell Borger.

Please feel free to contact him with any questions regarding the band:

Phone: 262-552-8598



We’d like to see your name on our PATRONS PAGE!


Just fill in the information below and send it to:


The Kenosha Pops Concert Band

P.O. Box 251

Kenosha, WI 53141


We’ll be pleased to include your name on the “Patrons Page” of next year’s Program Book.

Program printing deadline May 1, 2014.


Choose your level of support for the

Kenosha Pops Concert Band:

Maestro $10.00_____ Concert Master $30.00_____

Director’s Circle $50.00______




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Kenosha Pops Concert Band

91st Anniversary Patrons



The Kenosha Pops Concert Band wishes to thank all of the 2013 patrons for their generous support and encouragement this year.



Audrey Cassiani

Jennette and Norman Ergish

Jerry and Melvina Gall

Joyce Gyurina

Kathy and Brad Matthews

Eleanor Sorenson

Pat Ventura

Merry Wellman

Concert Master

Larry and Betty Boyd

Mary Campbell

Lee and Millie Dalgard

Richard and Darlene Heidenreich

Mr. and Mrs. William Herrmann

Mr. and Mrs. William Hoff

Dick and Rosemary Hunkeler

Steve and Louise Kumorkiewicz

Bruce and Linda Petersen (in memory of George Caynak)

Roger and Arlene Runkel

Judy and Art Schroeder

Moe and Marjorie Zabel


Director’s Circle


Sandy and Jim Armes

Judy and Mark Conti

Brian Hogan

Patricia Johnson

Sharon Lui

Bruce and Bonnie Klem

Judith Reynolds

Luke and Noah Schaffrick (and Grandpa Wally, too)

Russ and Kathy Wortley